Sunday, 19 Jan 2020

What to expect with colonoscopy?

Is it the first time that you are having a Colonoscopy? Do you know nothing about it? Well then, here is some crucial information for you. It is likely that now that your doctor has recommended you to have such a scan you are either 50 years or older than that. The term colonoscopy means that medical professionals are going to look inside your colon and check if you have any condition that may lead to cancer one day. You would never see anyone who is really happy about the fact that their doctor has recommended them for a colonoscopy scan. In fact, you would find plenty of people who are really afraid that they may have to go through such a, to put it mildly, rigorous process.

Their main areas of fear are regarding the pain that it would cause them, the embarrassment that it would cause them, and the possibility that there could be complications in the future.

However, you need not be so afraid and petrified by colonoscopy. These days, such scans get over and done within a really short span of time. It is also really good for your health. As such, you should not have any concern with it, so to speak.

The aim of colonoscopy

The main purpose of having a colonoscopy is to find out if you are suffering from colon cancer or not. It is also done to find out if you are suffering from any other colon or bowel related ailment or not. As the word itself suggests it is basically a scope of the colon. There is some special way in which you have to get ready for such a scan. This includes taking in a special drink that empties your colon completely. The day when the process is carried out you are given a minor sedative.

After that, a small diameter scope is inserted into your rectum through the anus. It goes slowly until the time it gets to the cecum. This is basically a structure, which indicates to the doctor that she or he has got to the end of your colon. Once the scope reaches that part the doctor pulls it back slowly and sees how the walls of the colon are moving. All this is done with great care. They take notes if they see any abnormality throughout the entire process.