Thursday, 14 Nov 2019

Why Hero Bikes is so popular in India

Hero motorcycles are the most popular motorbikes in India with sales averaging about 14 million annually. The motorcycle plant has is located at Gurgaon in New Delhi, which is India’s capital city. The company has established itself as a labor-intensive company providing many jobs for the locals as well as fair Hero bikes price. It is such kind of companies that the government is keen on supporting to help provide jobs for the country’s large population one of the largest in the world marked high unemployment levels. The staffs at the company receive good paychecks judging by Indian standards. The firm’s success is attributable to high sales locally that make it the biggest motorcycle seller in the country. With there being other major motorbikes companies in the country, you may be wondering how the company has managed to endear itself to the Indian population managing to remain the most preferred two-wheelie vehicle in the country. Here are the primary reasons for the popularity of Hero bikes in India.

Deal with Honda

In 1984, Hero Bikes entered a deal with Honda that allowed it access the much-needed motorcycle technology. This followed the government’s decision in the early 1980s to allow the importation of the technology into the country. At the time, motorcycles were the most popular mode of transport in India. Honda wanted a share of the market too as well and went on to set up a scooter manufacturing plant in the country. The deal that Hero had entered into with Honda limited its market to areas new India. As such, Hero was compelled to focus its sales on the local market. Unlike Hero, other major motorcycle companies in the country ventured freely to different markets. Due to a focus on the home market solely, Hero was able to outdo similar local companies that kept exploring different markets without focus on a single one. The deal with Honda only came to an end in 2011. The impact of the years of focus on local markets meant the firm had already firmly established itself as the strongest brand locally.


In India, a vast majority of the population are poor. The implication of this is that their purchasing power is low. Hero has managed to endear itself to this population by prioritizing the production of cheap and fuel-efficient motorcycles. For as little as 850 dollars, you can buy a Hero bike with great fuel efficiency that will not require much modification to suit your needs and interests. You view the prices via hero bikes price. The bikes are also well-suited to India’s terrain. Much of the country is made up of rough terrain that other similarly priced motorcycles such as the scooters produced by Honda may find difficult to maneuver. With little modifications, you also get to use the bike for income generating activities that can help offset the cost of maintenance while helping one earn an income.

Hero Bikes is currently working on extending its popularity to new markets such as Europe, the U.S., and Africa. For this reason, it is also venturing into more models that would appeal to such markets.